Framework installation

If you are using PHP Melody 1.7 or higher, you do not need to copy any files, because the framework is included with your installation.
You will however need to activate the framework the first time (see Step 3).

Step 1 - Download files and make a backup

Before you update, we recommend that you backup your original files and your database. The best way to install the framework is to download the files of your website to your local computer and work there.
You can download the files here. Note that this is NOT a full version of PHP Melody, it contains modified files from 1.6.7 with the modframework. If you are still on an older PHP Melody version, upgrade this first or contact us for help.
The files are made for the default template. If you use a different template (eg premium PHP Melody template or Zenics), please contact us to provide the modified template files for your template.

Step 2 - Modify the original files

If you are using a non-modified version of PHP Melody 1.6.7, this step is easy. You can just copy all the files from the framework and overwrite the original files with them.
If you have a modified website, we recommend that you use software such as WinMerge, which allows you to compare 2 directories side by side and easily copy changes from one file to another.
If you have problems with this step, consider using our installation service.

Step 3 - Installing

Once all the files are copied, you need to install the framework to activate it.
To do this, go to http://YOURSITE.COM/admin/mm_plugins.php. This will give you a message that the framework is not yet installed and give you an option to do so. Once the framework is installed correctly, there should be a button 'plugins' in the main menu of your admin panel.

Help and support

If you run into problems with the framework installation, you can contact us.