New plugins and 2015 holiday sale

Posted at Dec 23rd 2015 14:08:50

After some busy months it is time to introduce the last plugins of the year, with the new Dailymotion Autoimport and the Autolanguage plugin.

Dailymotion autoimport
Similar to the popular YouTube Autoimport plugin, this plugin is your best helper with adding new Dailymotion content to your site. Check out its features at

Automatic site language changer
Having an international website? Wouldn't it be great if the language was automatically set to the users language? Yes! The autolanguage plugin changes the language of your website based on the browser preferences of the user. Check it out here.

Holiday sale
It has been a while since the last sale, so here is 20% off everything with the voucher holidays2015. Save on new plugins or on your update services. This voucher is valid till January 7th 2016.
Last updated at Dec 23rd 2015 14:09:43