Update time!

Posted at Mar 20th 2015 16:45:08

New updates are available for Essence Theme, Facebook Share, Twitter Share, FFmpeg thumbnail generator, Progressbar Thumbnails plugin and the Video.js player plugins.

Essence theme
- Video.js HD thumbs support, dropdown menu and icon alignment bugfixes.
- Updated videojs to version 4.12.5.

Facebook Autoshare v2.1/Twitter share v2.1
- Now supports sharing of user uploaded video via the approval section.

FFmpeg thumbnail generator v1.5
- Generate HD thumbnails for use in the Essence theme

Progressbar thumbnails plugin v1.2
- Support for Video.js (premium) players plugins added

Video.js and Video.js premium player v1.2 plugins
- Updated video.js to version 4.12.5
- Added support to play videos that users embed on other sites with video.js
Last updated at Mar 20th 2015 16:49:35