Facebook Autoshare

Price: € 25.00
Facebook autoshare enables you to post new videos to Facebook automatically. Simply check the box 'Post on Facebook' when adding or embedding a video and the plugin will post it on the Facebook page you selected during installation, via your custom Facebook App.
New: Now also supports automatic sharing of articles (requires PHP Melody 2.1 or newer)
You need to have publish permissions to the Facebook page of your website with your account.
You will need to have a Facebook App for your website (instructions on how to create this are included).
Installation difficulty: Easy
Copy the plugin class file to the 'plugins' directory of your website. Go to the plugin manager in your admin panel and click the 'install' button.
The installer will ask you to register your Facebook App and to enter your App ID and App Secret. Afterwards you will be prompted to authorize your app to publish on your pages. Once that is done you can choose a page you want to publish to and the installation is complete.
March 20th 2014
- Sharing of user uploaded videos through the approval queue is now possible (PHP Melody v2.2 and newer)

Jan 25th 2014
- Autoshare of articles is now supported (PHP Melody v2.1 and newer)

Nov 22th 2012
- Adapted to 1.7 style

Oct 10th 2012
- First version released
A demonstration of how the posts look is available on the WatchDocumentary.com Facebook page.


Licence: Open Source
Available since: Oct 8th 2012
Last updated: Mar 20th 2015
Delivery: Instant
Price: € 25.00

Works with:
  • PHP Melody 1.6
  • PHP Melody 1.7
  • PHP Melody 1.8
  • PHP Melody 1.9
  • PHP Melody 2.0
  • PHP Melody 2.1
  • PHP Melody 2.2
  • PHP Melody 2.3.1
  • PHP Melody 2.4
  • PHP Melody 2.5