Private Messages Plugin

Price: € 23.95
The Private messages plugin enables members to send each other messages.
Message icons will show up in the memberlist and on members profile (requires social module to be enabled).
Members can send each other messages and reply to messages they got.

- Shows members a notification if they have a new message.
- Configurable maximum messages per hour for a member
- Configurable maximum different members a user can message per hour (prevent spam)

This plugin is a basic private message plugin. If you are missing a feature, contact support, maybe it can be added in a next version.
Installation difficulty: Easy
Simply upload the plugin to your 'plugins' directory of your website and go to the Plugin Manager in your admin panel, then click 'Install'. Also upload the modified template files to the right template directory.
May 6th 2014
- First version released


Licence: Open Source
Available since: May 6th 2014
Delivery: Instant
Price: € 23.95

Works with:
  • PHP Melody 1.7
  • PHP Melody 1.8
  • PHP Melody 1.9
  • PHP Melody 2.0
  • PHP Melody 2.1
  • PHP Melody 2.2
  • PHP Melody 2.3.1
  • PHP Melody 2.4
  • PHP Melody 2.5