Progressbar Thumbnails Plugin

Price: € 21.95
This plugin requires the FFmpeg thumbnail generator plugin and only works with locally hosted videos
This plugin only works with JW Player 6 and Video.js

This plugin generates thumbnails at an interval in your video, so that when visitors hover the video progress bar with their mouse, they can see images from the video.
This enables visitors of your site to recognize points in the video easier and skip to where they left off the last time.
The plugin uses the FFmpeg thumbnail generator to create one file with the thumbnails for every video (this decreases loading time of the thumnails).
You can set the size of the thumbnails and the interval they will be created in (default: every 5 seconds) in the admin panel.
Note: This plugin doesn't work with JW player 5 or Flowplayer, and only works with videos that are hosted on your site locally.
Important: This plugin requires the FFmpeg thumbnail generator to be installed and working properly on your server.
Installation difficulty: Easy
This plugin does not require any special installation steps.
Simply upload the plugin to your 'plugins' directory of your website and go to the Plugin Manager in your admin panel, then click 'Install'.
March 20th 2014
- Added video.js player compatibility (requires video.js or video.js premium v1.2)

Sept 6th 2014
- Fixed thumbnail generation for long videos that would create a too big image
- Compatibility changes with FFmpeg Thumbnail generator v1.4

July 23th 2014
- First version released


Licence: Open Source
Available since: Jul 23rd 2014
Last updated: Mar 20th 2015
Delivery: Instant
Price: € 21.95

Works with:
  • PHP Melody 1.7
  • PHP Melody 1.8
  • PHP Melody 1.9
  • PHP Melody 2.0
  • PHP Melody 2.1
  • PHP Melody 2.2
  • PHP Melody 2.3.1
  • PHP Melody 2.4
  • PHP Melody 2.5