YouTube downloader

Price: € 32.45
Sometimes you find yourself in the situation that you would rather have a video on your own website instead of losing people to YouTube.
The YouTube downloader plugin allows you to choose to download a video from YouTube when adding or importing it. The plugin can be configured for different video qualities, from 1080p and 720p to low quality 360p for space saving.
You can also choose where you want to save the video on your site (for example in a subdirectory).

- Choose which videos you want to download
- You can choose to display the video as embed on your site while it is downloading or only show it when the download is complete,
- Supports the new YouTube security for Vevo videos (experimental)
- Choose the save location for the video
- Can download in HD and SD

Note: If you download a lot of videos, you will need a lot of disk space. Also streaming many (high quality) videos requires a lot of bandwidth. Check if your hosting package supports this before purchase.

Comes with 6 months free updates.
Requires that you have enough disk space available to store videos on
Installation difficulty: Easy-Intermediate
Copy the plugin class file to the 'plugins' directory of your website. Go to the plugin manager in your admin panel and click the 'install' button.
After the installation, the installer will tell you what command to use for the cron job. You should set up this cron job in your websites cPanel or DirectAdmin.
Sept 6th 2014
- Important fixes to download engine due to YouTube changes
- Prevention of double downloads with long videos

July 25th 2013
- First version released


Licence: Open Source
Available since: Jul 25th 2013
Delivery: Instant
Price: € 32.45

Works with:
  • PHP Melody 1.7
  • PHP Melody 1.8
  • PHP Melody 1.9
  • PHP Melody 2.0
  • PHP Melody 2.1
  • PHP Melody 2.2
  • PHP Melody 2.3.1
  • PHP Melody 2.4
  • PHP Melody 2.5