PHP Melody Mod Framework

Up till version 1.6.6, PHP Melody did not have any possibility for plugins. Every plugin or modification you wanted to do to your website would be done by modifying the source code.
This makes modified websites hard to upgrade to a newer version. Almost all content management systems, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc allow the use of modules and plugins which function without modifying the core code of the CMS.
This makes installing plugins much easier and doesn't hinder updating the software. At, we wanted to sell plugins, but didn't want to force people to make edits to the source code of their website or to lose their ability to upgrade to a newer PHP Melody version.
This is why we developed the PHP Melody mod framework. The framework allows you to install our plugins without having to make any modifications to the source code of your website.
Installing a plugin is just as simple as uploading the plugin files to your website, going to our 'plugins' tab in the admin panel and clicking the 'install' button that appears automatically.
When you don't want to use a plugin, it requires just one click to stop it from loading.

To make things even easier, we are working together with the PHP Sugar team and our framework is included in the official code from 1.7 and higher.

You can download the changed files for 1.6.6 from the install page if you want to run our plugins on 1.6.x. Framework