YouTube Autoimport

Price: € 28.95
If your content is mostly from YouTube, you might find yourself looking at YouTube channels often adding the latest videos to your website.

With the YouTube Autoimport Plugin, new videos from your favourite YouTube channels will be automatically added to your website.
You can set up multiple channels, Playlist feeds and even multiple imports from the same channel.


- Import videos from YouTube channels
- Import videos from YouTube playlists
- Add Channel URLs to autoimport from
- Select categories the videos will be added to
- Filter options: Only add videos matching certain words or phrases or with a minimum duration.
- Description settings: copy the description from the video, replace it with the video title, or leave it blank entirely
- Optionally remove URLs from description
- Choose how often you want to check a channel for new content
- Add a channel multiple times with filters to add some videos from the channel to one category and different videos to another
- New: Decide from which user your videos are posted
- New: Add default video tags per channel
- New: Option to import videos to the approval so they can be edited and reviewed before being published
- Post imported videos to Facebook or Twitter with the Facebook Autoshare and Twitter Autoshare plugins.

Note: This plugin is designed for PHP Melody 1.7 and higher. It will look different on 1.6.
This plugin requires access to cron jobs. Most hosting providers have this enabled and allow you to set cron jobs from cPanel or DirectAdmin.
You will need a YouTube API key to use this plugin, instructions on how to get one are provided with the plugin.
Installation difficulty: Easy-Intermediate
Copy the plugin class file to the 'plugins' directory of your website. Go to the plugin manager in your admin panel and click the 'install' button.
After the installation, the installer will tell you what command to use for the cron job. You should set up this cron job in your websites cPanel or DirectAdmin.
April 21st 2015
- Compatibility with YouTube API v3

Sept 6th 2014
- PHP Melody v2.2 compatibility fixes

Aug 1st 2014
- Added option to import to approval list to edit and manually approve videos before they go live
- Add default tags per video channel
- Decide from which user the videos are posted

Feb 13th 2014
- Added support for giving channels a label to recognize them easier
- Fixed bug with some channels not being recognized properly

March 2nd 2013
- Added support for importing videos from playlists
- Added support for importing videos from feeds (RSS/GDATA)
- Added integration with Facebook and Twitter Autoshare plugins
- Fixed some small bugs

Feb 23th 2013
- First version released


Licence: Open Source
Available since: Feb 23rd 2013
Last updated: Apr 21st 2015
Delivery: Instant
Price: € 28.95

Works with:
  • PHP Melody 1.7
  • PHP Melody 1.8
  • PHP Melody 1.9
  • PHP Melody 2.0
  • PHP Melody 2.1
  • PHP Melody 2.2
  • PHP Melody 2.3.1
  • PHP Melody 2.4
  • PHP Melody 2.5