Video.js for PHP Melody

Posted at Oct 5th 2014 10:26:52

For a while, the Video.js player has been part of the Essence theme as an exclusive feature. But now it is available for all PHP Melody sites that run on version 2.1 or newer.

What is Video.js?
Video.js is a HTML5 based player. It is new, fast, small, clean and beautiful. And the best part is that it is possible to write plugins to add a lot of cool features.

The PHP Melody plugin to add Video.js to your website comes in 2 flavours:
Video.js player plugin and the Video.js premium player plugin.

The normal version plays Local videos and YouTube videos without a player watermark (like the JW Player watermark in their free versions), while the Premium version has the following extra features:

- Preroll video ads
- Player colour customisation
- Display your own logo on the player
- Social share button on the player

Check out the demo of the video.js premium player!
Last updated at Oct 5th 2014 11:09:38